8-29 July 2012 Q U A R T A D E R I Z O N E World Dance Movement at Castellana Grotte (Three). A great event of study-holiday and a great opportunity for all dancers (professional and semiprofessional) and Italy and abroad. Twenty days of full immersion in modern dance and, with dancers from twenty-five nationalities, the greatest choreographers of the international, with individual attention for each student.

In collaboration with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL the 16 and 17 July the Senior Talent Scout del Cirque Du Soleil, Rick Tjia will attend World Dance Movement looking for new talent to form the second cast of the famous show “Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour”. The selection will be preceded by a workshop day 13 and 14 July.

The remarkable "group" of teachers who are present. From the U.S. Michèle Assaf e Stacey Tookey (judge in the TV program “So You Think You Can Dance”, a kind of “X factor” U.S. and Canada) to French Bruno Collinet (Co-Artistic Director), a Clarissa Mucci, Desmond Richardson – defined by the New York Times "one of the best dancers available in the world" -, Kledi Kadiu, Joshua Pelatzky, Sabatino D'Eustace Friends, David Marquez, Dana Foglia, Stefania Cosmo, Nai, Michael Oliva…and many other!

He Cirque du Soleil will offer a workshop improvisation and development of vocabulary in which students will work on the structure of improvisation and how to use it to their advantage. The Artistic Talent Scount of Cirque du Soleil, Rick Tjia, The workshop will begin with a seminar Casting: “The Foot in the Door – On Stage Cirque du Soleil as a dancer”. The process to join the Cirque du Soleil as an artist on stage remains, for many, a large mistero. This event will attempt to demystify the process and requirements, showing how the level of difficulty of the process is actually lower – provided that the technical and artistic always remain high

A Castellana Grotte (Three)
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