World Dance Movement a Castellana Grotte


From 6 to the 27 July 2014, back to Puglia's largest international dance workshops taking place in Italy, SIXTH EDITION “WORLD DANCE MOVEMENT a Castellana Grotte (BA).


It 'great expectations for the new major event that thousands of dancers from all over the world are waiting, il World Dance Movement, the largest international dance workshops to be held in Italy !

Born with the aim of creating an opportunity of contact for the dancers on the planet, WDM has been characterized from the outset by the individual attention given to each student and for its international, thanks to the students and teachers from over 20 different countries. Among the many prominent personalities, WDM can count the big dance professionals as Michèle Assaf (artistic director), Desmond Richardson (defined by the NY Times as "one of the greatest modern dancers these days"), Giuliano Peparini (Artistic Director / Choreographer of the famous talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi and as a director of the beautiful modern opera Romeo and Juliet), Bruno Collinet, Igal Perry, Stefano Di Martino, just to name a few.

Il World Dance Movement, thanks to the impeccable organization of the on-site Artinscena Annalisa Bellini, at the center of the Itria Valley with its sea, nature and excellent gastronomy, This year will be enriched by the addition of the prestigious International Ballet Competition. The WDM year is supported by the strategic program I.C.E. (Innovation, Culture and Creativity for a new Economy) Grecia Italia 2007-13, lead partner the tourism service of the Puglia Region, with eight partners from Italian and Greek, including the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and the Apulia Film Commission.

During the course of the internship and the Competition will be assigned 140.000 EUR in scholarships for prestigious dance schools including the International Broadway Dance Center, PeridanceCapezio Center e Steps on Broadway di New York, Studio Harmonic in Paris, l’AMDA College and Conservatory of PerformingArts and many other towns in the world of professional dance.

The lessons will suit all tastes: Classical, Jazz, Lyric, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Complexions Contemporary Technique, William Forsythe Technique e Repertoire, Modern Jazz, GagaMovement Language, OhadNaharin Repertoire, Choreographic Workshops, Active-Isolated Flexibility, Aerial Dance, Acrobatic Dance.

The words of MichèleAssaf: "World Dance Movement is an idea that I and Desmond Richardson began to develop while swimming in the Mediterranean. Now after six years, thanks to the collaboration with Artinscena in people Annalisa Bellini and Domenico Daoli and co-artistic director Bruno Collinet, it's really amazing to see how this event touches the lives of thousands of dancers worldwide. The World Dance Movement that saw its birth in Puglia, in Castellana Grotte, is now an event that takes place on the 4 European nations. I am grateful for the opportunity that every year we have to create, educate, do show and share our art with prestigious dancers and teachers from around the world. Come dance with us as we discover the beautiful Puglia Region. The WDM will change your life ".

For Desmond Richardson “The experience of the WDM is simply unique! From the brilliant staff at incredible group of international students, There is an atmosphere of love and creativity that is palpable and invigorating in the beautiful surroundings of the town of Castellana Grotte”.


From the synergy between Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, QuaLiBò - visions of (p)Art and Artinscena, Puglia and WDM are enriched more and more dance.

In addition to workshops and training are provided for the following events:

11/19/27 July: Show “Choreographic creations – the performance of the WDM” with leading international choreographers and guest companies. In Largo Porta Grande in Castellana Grotte – free admission

18/26 July: World Dance Movement Street Percussion, the old town of Castellana will be invaded by the dancers of the WDM accompanied by a group of drummers (residence theatrical Ruvo di Puglia – Theatres inhabited).

In the same evening is expected to attend the major dance companies in Puglia. The historic centers of international dance and theater will become the excellence of Puglia, a real “invasion choreographic” !!!

12 July: WDM Competition, the concurrence of the WDM. Dancers from all over the world for cash prizes and scholarships in major international dance companies and centers.

The festival will be accompanied by other initiatives such as: conferences, photographic exhibition, meetings between the industry. Also planned conferences in which they are presented a few important dance companies, meeting, tastings of typical products, educational tour.

Also, in order to strengthen the network with the dance of Puglia, first, WDM provides the components of the professional dance companies OPEN CARD for free access to any workshop edition 2014.

Another important initiative, is the project Flick.
From the collaboration between two of the dance of Apulia, World Dance Movement Italia (by the School Artinscena / Tezoro Productions) and Visions of (p)Art – International Festival of Contemporary Dance, QuaLiBò of and in coordination with the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (strategic program I.C.E. – Innovation, Culture and Creativity for a new Economy) nasce Flick, a project aimed at professionalising 8 Young dancers in Puglia.

Two distinguished choreographers of contemporary dance, invited by the WDM respectively - Eva Sanchez Martz – and from QuaLiBò - Barbara Toma – will lead the dancers in the creation of two production projects. Both works will debut on the 11th and 12 October, in First National, in the International Festival of Contemporary Dance, Visions of (p)Art 2014, and will perform within the review of the WDM 2015.

Selected from among the participants of the workshop WDM ITALY 2014 (6/19 July) the 8 dancers face the first session of production in the third week of the same (20/27 July).
The second session of the production will take place in Bari at the opening of the International Festival of Contemporary Dance Visions (p)Art (3/12 October).
The project provides Flick, also, at the discretion of the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, a possible circuitry of the two shows in the theaters of the area.

The production route also provides free entry to the theoretical and practical laboratories organized by the International Festival of Contemporary Dance Visions (p)Art.

To 8 Dancers will be provided with an attendance.

The dancers interested in participating in the selection must be requested at the time of registration for the workshop (advanced / pro): Saturday 5 July for the first week and Sunday 13 July for the second, starting at 15.00, at Semiramide Palace Hotel in Castellana Grotte.
A gadget identifier numbered allow you to make an initial selection during class. All selected during the two weeks will participate in a selection / interview the final afternoon of the 20 July at the Studio One WDM Italy.


6-12 July first selection – WDM ITALIA (Castellana Grotte)
20 July selection / final interview – WDM ITALIA(Castellana Grotte)
21 – 26 July First session of production – WDM ITALIA (Castellana Grotte)
4-5 October theoretical and practical laboratories - Visions of (p) Art (Bari)
6-12 October Second Session of production - Visions of (p)Art (Bari)
11 and 12 October Presentation at First National 2 spectacular productions – Visions of (p) Art (Bari)
July 2015 Presentation of 2 spectacular productions – WDM ITALIA 2015

WDM ITALY – – such: 360.829733 – – – Infotel 080 4962634
Visions of (p)Art – – such: 335.7107603